Elisabeth Rosen

Elisabeth Rosen

My name is Elisabeth Rosen, I am a certified Pilates Trainer, a licensed practical nurse, and an academic heath and nursing manager. Additionally I practice the technique of Spiraldynamik movement and therapy. In addition, I am also a certified Fayo Trainer, a children's relaxation trainer and fitness trainer with C license.

I came to Pilates through the impressive feedback from relatives, which got me curious to try a private lesson myself. The focus on posture and inner strength and concentration that comes with every exercise had me instantly hooked.

Pilates method is a wonderful system of movement, which benefits both the mind and the body.
It is a complex and effective training that truly changed me.
With out exhausting you, it improves your body awareness, movement and physical appearance.

Getting into shape and helping with my hyper-flexible spine (which caused me regular back pain) finally convinced me: I will be doing this for the rest of my life!

I’ve always been a fit and flexible person, but only through Pilates could I also reach the deep muscle regions.
I could relieve my own tensions, improve my posture and after three C-sections, have a flat stomach again!

Pilates is the best thing that I have ever done for my body!

My years of experience in the medical field as a practical nurse and connections to various professionals such as:
Dr. Hans Malus ( Physical medicine and osteopathy),
Dr. Anne Warlamides (Physical medicine and osteopathy)
Prof. Giurea (Orthopedics)
Prof. Alexander Rosen (Gynaecology and obstetrics)
And my Husband- Prof. Harald Rosen (General Surgery)

- allow me to create an individual training for you, which is suitable for every age and fitness level, it is great for correcting a weak posture and can help with back tensions, as it strengthens the spine muscles.

I hope you enjoy your Pilates training and I look forward to welcoming you in one of my studios!

I am also Hollisticsana pain free coach and have learned the technique of scar - / fascia massage. My motivation is to give people a mobile, pain-free life and a lot of joy in life. For this purpose, there is the possibility to train directly in the personal training or in the group - in addition, one can also participate online live. The online video library also provides access to various recordings of course lessons or short videos on specific topics. This gives you a better understanding of the individual exercises and positions.