Customer’s feedback

Here are some of the feedback we have received from our customers over the years:

I am so fortunate to have met you. I was recently doing your class and thinking that thanks to you my quality of life is much improved! I am also way too spoiled by you!

Customer feedback

I had tensions - especially in the neck area. That's what made me start with Pilates - and I still like to do it because Elisabeth and all her trainers are extremely dedicated and reliable. The trainers are responsive to the individual needs of each participant. Furthermore, there is always a good, friendly and professional atmosphere. In the course of time I have developed a completely new, balanced body feeling. Also the mental well-being is not neglected in Pilates. No Pilates lesson is the same as any other. For this reason I have been doing Pilates regularly for over 8 years.


The videos are great. Thanks. We really like the workout in video 2. We both do it virtually every day. It's demanding (for us), varied and interesting, but just about manageable. We really feel better afterwards. Your dogs are very cute. Our two come and watch me most days, until they try to wash my face or jump over me. They have the advantage when I'm lying on the floor. Then I have to send them out. Thanks again.


It was a wonderful class!. I feel much better than before the class.


Thank you! That was great, I will come back again.


Thank you, amazing class. So many modifications of different exercises. Wonderful comments about why we are doing this and that. I had alot of a new sensations in my body. Loved it. Wanted to remember everything but I went into the flow and enjoyed it totally.


I would like to thank you for the great lessons and the opportunity to take advantage of them online. Especially in the home office, the stress is high, both physically and mentally. So it helps enormously if I can start the day together in a group with pilates!


I came to pilates yesterday with a deep pain in my left triceps ... I had had it for at least 6 weeks, especially when putting shirts on etc. I thought it might be a damaged tendon. After the pilates session yesterday the pain had virtually disappeared. Today I can move my arm freely.
I cannot believe it! So, thank you very much. I hope I can remember the exercises so I can continue with them.


It was a very good class. You are amazing teacher. Thoughtful and considerate. I respect what you do and how you do it alot. I love the roll under hips exercises. And actually the more I practice the more I like all of them. Open the arms to the side is difficult for me. The upper back and the shoulders still not allowing me to enjoy it 😂

Customer feedback

If you long for a life without back pain or just want to feel good all around, with Elisabeth Rosen and her team you are in the best of hands.

I have been a regular participant (1-3 times a week) in the Pilates classes at Studio Rosen for over 13 years and now I am also online 🙂 After I had suffered a triple herniated disc after 2 births in my younger years, I was unable to sit, walk or even run. I lay on my back for 6 weeks and nobody could help me. The prognosis was bleak - the herniated discs would come back again and again. By chance, I discovered a poster of Elisabeth Rosen during my physiotherapy sessions with Dr. Malus and not only got the okay from him, but even the explicit recommendation to participate in the professional Pilates classes.

And indeed - at first Elisabeth Rosen managed with exercises especially designed for me to sit in a long seat again and with time I was able to walk without limping. With time, I was able to participate in more and more exercises, found joy in movement again and put my fears aside. After a few months or years I was even fitter than ever before 🙂 When pain reappeared, Elisabeth immediately had an individual exercise that made it disappear.

Elisabeth gives me such a security and always has an open ear for my 'aches and pains'.

Training in a group - whether with older or younger colleagues - is always fun. We work together and everyone gives their best without being 'laughed at' or 'looked at funny'.

I have recommended Pilatesstudio Rosen to many people and everyone agreed with me. If you really want to be free of pain in the long term and do something good for your body, Elisabeth and her trainers are in the best hands there are.

I am very happy that we have the opportunity to stay in training during Corona. My living room is now equipped with everything from gymnastics balls, mats, rollers, tires and thermal bands so that I can participate in every exercise from home. Elisabeth also manages to see through the camera of each participant exactly when their back hangs or when an exercise is not performed 100% correctly. This gives me the guarantee that, thanks to Elisabeth and her team, we will master this challenging time very well, at least in terms of back problems.

I look forward to many more years together!

Thank you very much for everything, Elisabeth!