Goodbye to a weak and painful Back during Pregnancy!

Light physical activity can aid your well being until just before birth. With the additional weight of your unborn child it can often come to pain in the back, which Pilates helps you counter act. Ask your doctor if there are any specific risk factors during your pregnancy before you begin the training, and we will try to adjust the work out to your needs.
The deep and conscious breathing exercises and the focus on the pelvic floor are very beneficent for your pregnancy and can help you relax tensions in your entire body, to make you more energetic and active.

A strong and flexible pelvic floor is able to withstand the weight and pressure that we carry during pregnancy, and is more compliant during birth, as you can relax and control it at will. After your due date it will be faster to recover and help against weak bladders. During our training we focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and the abdominal muscles, which also help stabilize and correct our posture to help carry your baby before and after birth!

After a natural birth you should wait for about 6 weeks before you start practicing Pilates. After a C-Section it should be around 12 weeks, until you are out of pain and you doctor allows it.