Energetic and healthy with the years!

Slow and controlled movements are the main pillars of Pilates training. How intense and difficult your want your workout to be is up to you, as you use controlled breathing and Rhythm to control the exercises from your tip tows to your head! Regular practice can help against the natural aging process, Joseph Pilates trained himself until the age of 87 after the method he developed himself. He defined age about how flexible some is, not with a number!

Stay flexible and active for longer!

The conscious and deep breaths in the chest are particularly good at giving your body the oxygen it needs to be positive, active and well circulated.

Improve your reaction time and keep your muscles busy!

Pilates teaches you to do complex movement faster, which helps react to things quicker in your every day life. Coordination and speed improve a lot and by constantly using and strengthening your body you work against the clock, keeping yourself fit and young!

Stabilize your joints and avoid osteoporosis

Your joints only stay healthy by giving yourself a wide radius of movements and functionality. Through circular and equal movements we lubricate the joints, strengthen and stretch the Spine, which helps us correct our posture. Regular training strengthens muscles and bones; particularly training with our body weight on the matt helps to work against gravity and strengthens you all around. If you already suffer from osteoporosis we recommend getting the ok from a professional doctor before you start training.