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Pilates starts again in the studio and outdoor!

We are very happy that after almost 7 months finally again a possibility to train together in our studios is allowed. Please book again at www.pilates-rosen.at/en/online-booking.

According to the regulation, a distance of 2m must be kept and a FFP 2 mask must be worn when entering until reaching the mat (please bring your own towel). (Not required during the training)

We are allowed to teach 6 persons in our studio in Tulln and 8 persons in Vienna in one group. ( i.e.: don't wait too long with the registration 🙂

We try very hard to have hygienically cleaned equipment and also ask every participant to disinfect the used mat after the training.

Of course there is also individual training and up to three persons on the studio equipment. This requires a personal registration by mail or SMS.

There are now also lessons that are offered as a hybrid variant, i.e.: parallel to the unit offered in the studio, one can continue to participate in the training from home or on vacation via Zoom (when registering, pay attention to online or studio).

According to current regulations, either a vaccination certificate is required for participation in the studio: 22 days after the first injection, no test is required for up to three months for those vaccinated twice up to 9 months after the second vaccination. Otherwise, a PCR test (valid for 72 hours), or an antigen test (valid for 48 hours) or a rapid test (valid for 24 hours) must be presented before the start of the session.

We are of course very happy to support you with our equipment in the studio and with our hands in your training.

See you soon and best regards
Eli Rosen and team

Pilates Rosen

I have had a chronic problem with thoracic back pain for over 20 years. None of the doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists could help me. But thanks to your training I was able to improve my condition significantly. After training, an incredible lightness comes into the body and the pain disappears, the posture is balanced. The most important thing is that when I can train regularly with you, I learn to feel myself, deeper muscles, the position of the pelvis and the different joints. A deeper understanding of my body emerged and it becomes possible to find even the cause of the distortions, shifts, limitations. My body begins to heal itself. It is incredible! You are a wonderful teacher, a professional who loves to share your knowledge. Your excellent knowledge of anatomy and medical training, as well as a detailed description of which muscles are involved in a particular exercise, allow us to follow your instructions clearly and flawlessly. I truly love your classes and recommend them to everyone! You are not just a Pilates teacher, you heal people and to me you are like a true healer.

Natalja Hnatiuk

Eli Rosen's work is holistic, sustainable, personalized and in-depth. She has helped me with my asthma and also strengthen my body in general. She doesn't just offer "exercise", it's something much deeper that touches the soul and offers lasting transformation. I am simply thrilled and wholeheartedly recommend her! Thank you Eli!

Mag. Elisabeth Cardich, MBA

Dear Eli! Thank you for a wonderful class: I love them. You are very talented: I am lucky to have found you!

Online customer

I am so fortunate to have met you. I was recently doing your class and thinking that thanks to you my quality of life is much improved! I am also way too spoiled by you!

Customer feedback

Thank you, amazing class. So many modifications of different exercises. Wonderful comments about why we are doing this and that. I had alot of a new sensations in my body. Loved it. Wanted to remember everything but I went into the flow and enjoyed it totally.


I would like to thank you for the great lessons and the opportunity to take advantage of them online. Especially in the home office, the stress is high, both physically and mentally. So it helps enormously if I can start the day together in a group with pilates!


If you long for a life without back pain or just want to feel good all around, with Elisabeth Rosen and her team you are in the best of hands.


The videos are great. Thanks. We really like the workout and do it virtually every day.


I had tensions - especially in the neck area. That's what made me start with Pilates - and I still like to do it because Elisabeth and all her trainers are extremely dedicated and reliable.


Thank you! That was great, I will come back again.


It was a very good class. You are amazing teacher. Thoughtful and considerate. I respect what you do and how you do it alot. I love the roll under hips exercises. And actually the more I practice the more I like all of them. Open the arms to the side is difficult for me. The upper back and the shoulders still not allowing me to enjoy it 😂

Customer feedback

Start your workouts with us!

Register for individual/small group training via SMS or WhatsApp on 004369911726454. You can also register by e-mail: office@pilates-rosen.at

You can register for group lessons via online booking!

Pilates Rosen


Our training unit on the upper Alte Donau provides movement and enthusiasm. Be part of it: Register here!

That was Pilates at its best today. Air, sun, lots of space: This is paradise! And the best Pilates instructor in the world.

Feedback from an excited participant

Outdoor Pilates - Wien


My name is Elisabeth Rosen and I have been actively practicing Pilates for many years. I am pleased to welcome you to one of my two studios in Vienna and Tulln. On this website you will find all information about the current courses, the additional offers, the studios and much more. See you in one of my courses!

Pilates Rosen
Pilates Rosen

Courses in Vienna

Find out which courses my team and I currently offer in Vienna. In addition to the Pilates units, you will also find numerous other offers in my studio in Walcherstraße.

Courses in Tulln

The studio Tulln is also busy every week. Find out which courses we offer for you!

Unser Kursprogramm
Instructor Training

Instructor Training

For all those who also want to become Pilates Instructors themselves, we offer certified training courses in 2020!


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9 Advantages for you

As individual as you!

With us you will receive training tailored to you. From the child to the 50+ generation, from beginner to top athlete.

Quality wins

Continuing education is a duty for us, so that we can constantly improve the quality of our courses.

You can stay flexible

With your 10 courses-block of Pilates Roses you can attend courses that are interesting for you, as it suits you. You can unsubscribe from a booked course up to 12 hours before start time without any additional costs.

Partner of myClubs

Are you a member of myClubs? Perfect - you now have the opportunity to use the offer in the two studios of Pilates Rosen!

We speak your language!

Deutsch / English / српски / srpski / hrvatski jezik / bosanski jezik / français / magyar nyelv / limba română / русский язык

Medical expertise

The majority of our coaching staff has specialized medical training. Our excellent knowledge of human anatomy helps us to take care of you.

Your wish is our command!

Courses at weekends, lessons for small groups or even entire companies - we make it possible. Of course, you can also book one-to-one private lessons according to your schedule!

The perfect present

Our regular clients get a 10% discount for the next 10 lesson card as a birthday present. You also get 10% off when you bring a friend to Pilates Studio Rosen!

Medical network

A special plus is our good medical network with specialists from various disciplines. We are happy to advise you if you have questions about your health and can refer you to specialists.