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Dear Eli
On Thursday last week I stupidly lifted some heavy stones and ended up with a lower back muscle pain. I should know better! I went to Saturday morning pilates, which we had booked,  and told Dagmar what I had done. I could perform many of the movements, but I stopped when in discomfort. Dagmar was very careful that I didn’t do anything risky. By the end of the session my back was considerably more flexible, and certainly more comfortable, and was so, for the rest of the day. I would like to thank Dagmar again but do not have her email address, so perhaps you could tell her for me.

I experienced a similar situation last autumn - mainly in your classes, after a similar injury. Every pilates session eased the pain and I am sure the speeded up my recovery. So I’d like to thank you and your team, for your care and expertise. Ingrid and I both enjoy the sessions, and certainly feel they are helping our fitness and flexibility.

Best regards

Hi Eli
I came to pilates yesterday with a deep pain in my left triceps ... I had had it for at least 6 weeks, especially when putting shirts on etc.  I thought it might be a damaged tendon. After the pilates session yesterday the pain had virtually disappeared. Today I can move my arm freely. I cannot believe it! So, thank you very much. I hope I can remember the exercises so I can continue with them.

Best regards