The Courses: Vienna

Pilates starts again in the studio!

We are very happy to again allow an opportunity to train together in our studios. Please book again at

It is according to the regulation 2 G required and at entry to reach the mat (please bring your own towel) is a FFP 2 mask to wear (not required during training), in our studio in Vienna are Max. 8 people in a group ( ie: do not wait too long with the registration 🙂. In Tulln from January 22 training will take place in new surroundings at Donaulände 1 on the 1st floor - I am very happy that the Alpine Club is happy to let us train there and with a view of the Danube we have a very fine ambience there.

We try very hard to keep the equipment hygienically clean and also ask each participant to disinfect the used mat after the training.

Of course, there is also individual training and up to three people on the studio equipment. This requires a personal registration by mail or SMS.

There are now also lessons that are offered as a hybrid variant, i.e.: parallel to the unit offered in the studio, one can continue to participate in the training from home or on vacation via Zoom (when registering, pay attention to online or studio). To participate in the studio, according to the current regulation, the green passport must be presented before the start of the session.

We are of course very happy to support you with our equipment in the studio and with our hands during your training.

See you soon and best regards
Eli Rosen and team


Pilates for women
Time: 9.00 - 9.55

Fit after birth
Feel yourself again and be prepared for daily challenges, through strengthening the pelvic floor and relaxing our muscles with babies/toddlers.
Time: 10.30 - 11.25

Lunch Break Pilates
30 min power Pilates with stretching, to give you additional energy for the work day and rejuvenate your mind for the afternoon.
Price: 8,- Euro for 30min session; 15,- Euro for 60min Session
Time: 11.30 - 12.30

Training for all levels and ages with changing focus / Fayo
Time: 17.00 - 17.55

Diverse and Dynamic Pilates for all levels / Fayo
Time: 18.00 - 18.55

Pilates plus 10 min. guided relaxation / Fayo
Time: 19.05 - 20.10

Basic Skills

All our Pilates-courses require basic Pilates knowledge, which is why we ask all out new-clients and those coming back to it, to take an introductory lesson, which can be as a single or shared between two or three people. Dates and time by arrangement