Pilates-Studio Rosen offers…

Targeted movement and health promoting advice and training, in group lessons of max. 10 persons or as personal training. Where by we aim at correct posture, form and sequence during our exercises.

We teach the methods of Pilates and show how you can integrate the positive effects into your daily life.

To us personal consultations and individual support are paramount, which is why we always begin with a private introductory lesson.
In this way we can guaranty highest quality and help you perform with continuous correction and adjustment of the positions through our trainers.

A diverse and effective training is achieved through the use of smaller equipment
(Thera-band, Core-Band, Redondo- and Pezzi-balls, Flexi-bar, Pilates- Blade, Balance- Board, Pilates-Rolls, Black-rolls), which helps with health preservation and muscle rehabilitation after Operations, strengthening the Pelvic floor and the core muscles.

If you prefer personal training, it is possible to work with Pilates-machines (Reformer, chair etc) and create an individual training-plan which you can use to practice at home.

The benefits of Pilates are more than just shaping your figure, you train your pelvic floor, improve your flexibility and your posture. Strengthening improving your quality of living.