Infos and prices


In order to participate in one of our courses it is necessary to sign up.This can be done by calling Elisabeth Rosen +43 699/11726454 (or via SMS), alternatively in person at one of the Studios (Vienna: Walcherstraße 13/G01-02 or Tulln: Rudolf-Buchingerstraße 5). If you sign up through another method, this can be noted in the courses.

IMPORTANT: In order to keep the business stress free payments for the courses are only accepted via transfer: Bank details (IBAN: AT573200000007312663)

Prices for Vienna

Quarterly Card
300,- Euro
(valid for 3 Months after date of issue – Number of courses unlimited)

Ten-Lesson Card
Option 1:
150,- Euro
(The card is valid for 2 years.)

Option 2:
130,- Euro
(Valid for 4 months. Extension of validity to 2 years: 20,- Euro)

One month Card
56,- Euro
(4 Group lessons with in 4 weeks)

Ten private-lessons card
550,- Euro

Ten private-group-lessons card
2 persons: 300,- Euro/person
3 persons: 250,- Euro/person

Five private-lessons card
290,- Euro

Monthly card
56,- Euro
(4 group lessons within 4 weeks)

Single group lesson
15,- Euro

Private lesson
60,- Euro

Private Groups
2 persons: 36,- Euro/person
3 persons: 26,- Euro/person

Lessons with the Reformer (equipment)
Private lesson: 66,- Euro
2 persons: 40,- Euro/person

Ten-lesson-card with the Reformer (equipment)
Ten single lessons: 630,- Euro
Ten lessons for 2 persons: 300,- Euro/persons

Payments to:
Elisabeth Rosen
IBAN: AT57 3200 000007312663

Prices for Tulln

Ten-Group lesson Card
120,- Euro
(Valid for 4 months.)

Ten- private lesson card
500,- Euro

Five- private lesson card
275,- Euro

One Month Card
52,- Euro
(4 Group lessons with in 4 weeks)

Single Group lesson
14,- Euro

Private lesson
60,- Euro
(Also for first time classes)

Small group lessons
2 Persons: 33,- Euro/Person
3 Persons: 23,- Euro/Person

Payments to
Elisabeth Rosen
IBAN: AT57 3200 000007312663

Information about our Studio

Most of our lessons are suitable for beginners (after partaking in an introductory lesson), as the trainers watch out for your individual needs. You can always speak to us before the lessons. Courses for experienced participants are marked "III".


Lessons take place with a min. of 4 participants. Should less people sign up we sadly have to cancel the lessons, but everyone will be informed beforehand.

Every registration for a lesson is binding and will be charged should you not cancel at least 12h before the start of each lesson (Cancellations can be made via phone, SMS, WhatsApp). If too many people are signed up for a course the participants will be put on a waiting list. You will get informed if you cannot take part because of too many participants.

Before and after the course

We recommend not eating anything heavy 1,5h before a course. Please wear clean clothes in which you can move freely, and which cover you appropriately through a range of movements. For hygienic reasons a towel can be brought to training, and there is a possibility to shower at the studio.


Our regular clients get a 10% discount for the next 10 lesson card as a birthday present. You also get 10% off when you bring a friend to Pilates Studio Rosen!